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Just because it seems like everyone has the same few phones and tablets these days doesn’t mean they all get—or want—the same things out of them. (Surely you’ve experienced the shock of spying a friend’s home screen with practically zero apps, or marveled at the amount of music a coworker carries around at all times.) Doling out well-chosen tech accessories at gift-giving time shows that you know your friends’ devices don’t define them nearly as much as, say, their obsession with nailing a flawless soufflé. Here, we’ve rounded up nine gadget-friendly finds for aspiring chefs, organized types, audiophiles, and more.Shop Powder-coated steel and wood tablet stand from Petrified Design, $48 and more

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Make that collection of “someday” Pinterest recipes a reality with this cheery (and easy-to-clean) wood and steel tablet stand.

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Need everything in one place? This handsome personalized phone case melds the luxury of a leather wallet with the durability of a protective sleeve.

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Look, no cords! This sleek acoustic smartphone speaker is entirely handmade from reclaimed skateboard decks.

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It’s not quite the same as having a signature Scottish tartan, but a personalized plaid smartphone case will charm the pants off him, nonetheless.

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Add a handmade touch to their favorite tech with this cozy felt tablet sleeve.

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Addicted to YouTube beauty tutorials? So are we. This smart beauty station keeps your makeup organized and your favorite beauty pros close at hand.


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